Monday, 19 September 2016

ISIS are harvesting organs from its dead and injured members after revenue from its oilfields dried up

ISIS stole around 23 human organs of its dead and injured members in the Iraqi province of Nineveh for the purpose of trafficking after airstrikes left the organisation in desperate need of cash. A source on the ground told Iraqi News on Sunday that in order to acquire quick finances to stay afloat the militant group has resorted to dismembering its deceased and injured assailants.

'Special medical unit of the organization proceeded to steal human organs for about 23 ISIS militants of those who slept in the hospitals of Nineveh,' the source said. 

'What has been stolen from those members included the kidneys, intestines and more; they were transferred under tight control to affiliated hospital on the outskirts of the city. '

The source, who has asked to remain anonymous for their own safety, said the terror faction started to dismember its members after increased air strikes from the US and Russian forces wiped out a number of its oil reserves-the main source of revenue for ISIS. 

'This came after the loss of the majority of sources of financial funding, particularly with regard to crude oil, which it provides about 80% of the imports of the terrorist organization,' the source added.

Findings from a US-based analysis firm, HIS, revealed earlier this year that the group's daily oil output has dropped from 33,000 barrels to 21,000 barrels. 

Its revenue was hovering around $80 million per month but that fell to $56 million in March after chunks of their territory was bombed and seized in raids.

'Islamic State is still a force in the region, but this drop in revenue is a significant figure and will increase the challenge for the group to run its territory in the long term,' IHS senior analyst Ludovico Carlino said in a report.

The terrorist organization has also lost about 22 percent of its territory since the middle of 2014. This means now around 6 million people are under the the group's rule, as oppose to 9 million two years ago, leading to a substantial loss in taxes.

A report by al-Monitor news website, citing an Iraqi ear, nose and throat doctor named Siruwan al-Mosuli, said the group started to engage in organ trafficking back in 2014

The report went on: 'Surgeries take place within a hospital and organs are quickly transported through networks specialized in trafficking human organs. Mosuli said that the organs come from fallen fighters who were quickly transported to the hospital, injured people who were abandoned or individuals who were kidnapped.'

Most of the organs are then smuggled out of Syria and Iraq into neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia or Turkey where criminal gangs sell them on to shady buyers across the globe, the Assyrian International News Agency reported.