Monday, 19 December 2016

Kaduna State Government bans processions, unlawful assembly


No processions will be allowed for now in Kaduna State. A statement from the Kaduna State Government yesterday said the ban on processions and unlawful assembly applies throughout the state, and called for the cooperation of all citizens to respect this restriction until it is formally lifted.

A meeting of heads of security agencies in the state was convened to review the security situation in the state. Based on assessments of security reports, the meeting recommended that the Kaduna State Government should impose a temporary restriction on processions and act sternly against unlawful assembly.

The government has endorsed the recommendation and has decided to restrict processions accordingly, said a statement signed by the governor's spokesperson Samuel Aruwan.

"The decision was taken in the interest of the citizenry and to ensure law and order in the state.

"Security agencies have been mandated to ensure compliance to the ban. All citizens are advised to go about their lawful activities, and to do their utmost to uphold peace and harmony."