Sunday, 1 January 2017

These are Nigeria’s worst 2016 Politicians

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2016 has come and gone. The year came with it, lots of intrigues, ups and downs. It also rolled out some politicians that barely knows what it takes to assume a public space and be good at it. Below are some of Nigeria’s 2016 worst politicians.

     Ortom Samuel: The Benue state Governor qualifies to be amongst our worst politicians of 2016 due to his incompetence in governance. The ex-minister since inception into office as the Governor has not initiated nor commissioned any reasonable project in the state. The state was recently plagued by rampaging Fulani herdsmen killing its people, and the Governor did little or nothing in curbing the menace.  

    Abdulfattah Ahmed: The Governor of the north central state of Kwara is one of the worst Governors in current Nigeria, due to his in-activeness and politics of god-fatherism. It is well known that Ahmed cannot make any single decision that concerns the affairs of the state without consulting his god-father, Bukola Saraki. Saraki is considered the de-facto Governor of Kwara, as he makes sundry decisions in the state – even when civil servants salaries are paid. In terms of Development, there is no visible development on ground in the state and the governor is not planning on undertaking anyone anytime soon.  

     ATIKU BAGUDU: The Kebbi state Governor is one of the media governors in Nigeria. All projects claimed to have done by him exists only on the pages of newspapers. The lawmaker turned Governor has clearly shown that he has no blue print and developmental plans before being elected the Governor of the state. He sits comfortably in the League of Nigeria’s 2016 worst politicians, and it will be so, until the needful is done. Bagudu was elected Governor on the platform of the APC.

OKOROCHA ROCHAS: The Imo state Governor is notorious for spending money on frivolities, rather than on projects that will better the lives of Imolites. When the Governor is not buying giant Christmas trees, he is appointing his in-laws, family members into sensitive positions in the Government. Pensioners and civil servants are groaning most in the state due to non-payment of their salaries and entitlements. Okorocha is very close to the Commander-in-Chief, but he has not used that as an advantage to put smiles into the faces of its citizens.

DINO MELAYE: Since elected into the upper chambers of the National Assembly, Senator Melaye is yet to attract any federal project or has commissioned any constituency project in his district. The thug-like senator rather chose to become the unofficial body-guard to the Senate president of the Federal Republic, and that of his wife; thereby leaving very important legislative duties. 2016 went down as one of the worst years – politically for the senator, as he made lots of political foes, notably, the Tinubus.

SOLOMON DALUNG: The Sports Minister, Solomon is not that smart after all. He has been involved in lots of scandal involving sports and tournament management within and outside the country. Since 1999, Nigeria has never had it this bad in the Sports Ministry, until now. The ‘spended’ minister lacks what it takes to effectively handle the Sports ministry as he is clueless and has refused to be tutored on how to get it right. The plateau born politician is rumored to be amongst the very first set of ministers to be dropped by President Muhammadu Buhari, come 2017.

GODWIN EMEFIELE: The Central Bank Governor made more policy errors than good, in 2016. This as a result, nose-dived the economy into the mess it is currently in. Unfavorable monetary and economic policies were introduced into the system. The foreign exchange rate has skyrocketed and ordinary Nigerians are bearing the brunt the most. Until Emefiele begins to adopt friendly and people oriented steps in tackling and mopping up the economic mess, Nigerians will continue to see him as a BIG flop and one of the worst politicians of 2016.

FEMI ADESINA: The presidential spokesperson has been known by Nigerians as ‘facts twister’. He is always in the news defending the ‘indefensive’ and making silly excuses at the wrong time. Femi will go down the history lane as one of Nigeria’s 2016 worst politicians. The media man took over the reins of affairs from Alhaji Mohammed Lai as the official Media defender and image launderer of the President. He is always known to get into dirty arguments on social media by those persons he perceives as being against the President. Femi should be better be behaved in 2017, if he wishes his Principal well in his dealings.

     AYODELE FAYOSE: Our list would be incomplete without Fayose. The Ekiti state Governor uses any slight opportunity to throw jabs at the president and the presidency. No viable development has taken place in Ekiti state, since Fayose returned on his second missionary journey as the Governor of the state. The fearless Governor also made himself the unofficial spokesperson of his party, the PDP. Some believes that if the Governor channeled all resources and energy used in tackling the President in developing his state, EKITI by now would be rivaling Lagos.

     ALI MODU SHERRIF: The ex-Borno state Governor and factional leader of the PDP has for quite some time been in the news for the wrong reasons. The spoiler (as some people refers to him) did not add any positive value to the lives of Borno indigenes and Nigerians at large in 2016; instead, it’s been court cases after the other. One would think that Sherrif, at this stage and time will be proffering solutions on how to tackle insurgency and terrorism ravaging his home state, rather, he chose to be chasing shadows. Some people are of the strong opinion that SAS (as he is fondly called) is the progenitor and financier of Boko Haram. He has denied it countless times.

      CHINWOKE MBADINUJU: The former Anambra state Governor is back in the news. The former PDP stalwart switched sides and joined the APC in 2016. According to him, the reason for joining the ruling party was for him to contribute his own quota for the development of his state. He also declared interest to vie for Senatorial Seat of Anambra South when the time is due. Mbadinuju is adjudged to be the worst Governor since the creation of Anambra state. He held sway as Governor of the state from 1999 to 2003. During his time, he owed salaries of workers for years and also rumored to silence his critics through illegal ways; example was the Onitsha Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, who was killed (with his wife) in the most gruesome way.

  ABDULMUMIN JIBRIN: The suspended House Of Representatives’ member from Kano state and the former Appropriation Committee Chairman of the Lower Chamber of the National Assembly, is our ‘worstest’ Nigerian Politician of 2016. He claims to be a corruption crusader, only when he was kicked out of the booty due to his large mouth. The honorable member allegedly admitted to collecting millions and inserting figures of sums, running into Billions in the National Budget. He was recently disgraced out and suspended from the National Assembly when he went against the decisions of the Leadership of the HOR and how he exposed the illicit deeds going on in the Green Chambers. It was reported recently that he met the Speaker of the HOR, Hon Dogara, pleading that the suspension slammed on him be lifted and that he is ready to retract all allegations he made against the Leadership of the Assembly.

      ALL LOCAL GOVERNMENT / COUNCIL CHAIRMEN IN NIGERIA: These set of people are only after their pocket, as they neither undertake meaningful or positive developmental plans to better their council and its people. I am even of the opinion that Local Government system should be scrapped in Nigeria. The system has availed looters, an avenue to siphon public wealth and it should be nipped.