Thursday, 27 October 2016

Miss Anambra 2015, Chidinma Okeke: My Opinion and Plea

The trending news of late is Miss Anambra Queen, Chidinma Okeke and her sex video. Since the news broke out, I ve read with keen interest all the comments made on threads about the lady and her video. I sincerely condemn the video, and the act, and also for the fact that lesbianism is against Nigeria laws.

Chidinma is a human just like all of us and deserves all the second chance she can get. We ve beaten her, scolded her, pushed her, and now, it's time we bring her close and show her love. she has made her mistakes and she has also learnt from them.

Most of the people screaming kill her are just plain people covered in sacks of hate and cheer jealousy; a true being should know that as humans, we are bound to sin, make amends and move on in life. I am much disappointed seeing that majority of those condemning her and fronting for her to be 'killed' are people that should protect her, her people - the Igbos. I don't seem to get what it benefits us if we see her suffer and or any harm gets to her.

Chidinma is someone's child, a sister, an aunty, and above all, a human being. Put your self in her shoes. We are all sinners and have probably even done worst sins and acts. As a Christian, I believe it's not our duty to judge and condemn, it's the Lord's. Rather, let's accommodate the soul that sinneth and bring it closer to God.

Chidinma is a strong being. My worst fear is all over now. At first, I feared the release of that video will make her suicidal, but alas, I was wrong; rather it made her a stronger person. As a Christian, Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors (both sinners and good doers) like we love ourselves and we should keep to that commandment.

If you knoweth that thou has not sinned, cast the first stone. Remember, all sin is equal equal in the sight of the almighty. Let us stop condemning Chidinma, let us stop sharing that video (Chidinma has learnt her lessons).



  1. Nice piece...
    So what should happen to the love i have for cucumbers now??