Friday, 11 December 2015

This 8 Signs shows Your Marriage Might Not Last

While some wedding jitters is okay, you should look out for things that signify that your marriage might not last.

1. You do not see eye to eye: Yes, couples could have arguments regarding a few things during the wedding planning. But if you find that you do not see eye-to-eye on anything at all, it calls to question how compatible you are.

2. Your families cannot compromise: Marriage is not just a blending of two people, it is also a blending of two families, and the wedding process is an opportunity to see how they will get along. Like with couples, some argument is fine, but you should be concerned when it is over every single thing.

3. You feel disconnected: You and your partner are planning a lifetime commitment, you should be
feeling excited and bonded at this point. You should both be looking forward to what life should be like after the wedding.

4. You are too focused on the wedding: If you find that 100 percent of your energy is going into the wedding and you are not seeing beyond it, then you should be worried. A wedding is only a day, a marriage is for life. You should be focusing more effort on what your life will be like after the wedding than what the day is about.

5. You are not involved in the planning: While you should be planning for your marriage, your wedding is also something that should interest you. You should want to make sure it reflects you as a couple. But if you would rather not bother, and you leave all the planning, ideas, and opinion to someone else, it might be because you are trying to emotionally detach yourself from the event, and this is the first step to detaching yourself from the marriage.

6. You cannot find the reason for the marriage: When you think about it, you cannot find one real reason for getting married and whatever reason you do have sounds silly or not enough. This might be a sign that you should think again.

7. Your gut feeling is telling you: Most times, our heart tells us what we need to know. A lot of people can feel in their guts that something is wrong in a particular situation. If you gut is telling you that this is a mistake, it probably is.

8. You do not feel joy: No, we are not talking about unexplained smiling or laughter, but being married is a thing of joy. You should feel grateful and joyful for this life change you are about to undergo.