Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Woman Plans to Marry Her Dog After ex-husband (a Cat) Died

A sad woman is in mourning after losing her ‘ex-husband’ a cat. The said woman is insisting that she is now going to marry her dog. Dominique Lesbirel married Doerack, the aforementioned cat, eight years ago but aged 19 and suffering kidney failure he had to be put down.

The 41-year-old has found love with her dog, Travis, and hopes they will get married one day. The sex is fantastic and he knots inside me and satisfies me.

It’s still too soon to marry just yet, she said, but one day she will hold a ceremony to wed.

Dominique actually got ordained online and carries out weddings for other people with their pets. But there are rules, of course.

‘I’m happy to conduct same sex marriages, or to let people marry more than one pet. I only marry domestic animals, though. In some parts of the world, you hear of people keeping lions and tigers as pets, I wouldn’t marry people to them.