Monday, 12 September 2016

The young man who jumped from 6-Storey building survived. See his new photos

The young man who jumped from the rooftop of Mabirizi complex in Uganda -survived the attempted suicide. The man identified as Mustafa Lule, was seen on the roof top of the six story building last week -with his arms spread out before jumping... Surprisingly, he broke only his left arm. He is now nursing wounds at Mulago hospital. See photos below..

Lule, 20, said he had had many problems to the point of feeling desperate and wishing he was dead.

However he now says he has cancelled his plan to committing suicide, saying he has realized that God still wants him alive.

According to reports, Lule says he had told his mother about his problems and plans to commit suicide and that his mother was not bothered. He said the reason he went to Mabirizi Complex was because he had worked on the same building some time back.