Thursday, 15 September 2016

How jilted 19-year-old student killed herself

On Wednesday,a 19-year-old female student of Dyege Memorial College, Makurdi, Benue State, Jessica Beer,committed suicide after her boyfriend, identified simply as Labi, impregnated another girl and subsequently dumped her. A close friend of the victim revealed to Punch that Beer killed herself because she loved Labi and could not accept that she had been jilted.
The friend further said her late friend believed that after impregnating another girl, her future plans with Labi was in jeopardy.

The source said when she went to Beer’s residence, she met the victim on the floor, vomiting blood. She said: "My friend had brought a sharp knife the day before the incident to my house. She said I should follow her to her boyfriend’s house, threatening to deal with him. But I advised her not to take the law into her own hands.When I went to see her the next day, I met Jessica (Beer) on the floor, vomiting blood and I quickly raised the alarm.”
The victim was rushed to a private hospital, Yiman Hospital, in the area, where doctors certified her dead.
One of the victim’s classmates said: “I was told that the boyfriend (Labi) is a cultist and an armed robber, who had refused to further his education. Why should my friend commit suicide over such a person? I can never do such a thing.”
One of Beer’s teachers, Mr. Timothy Tyoyange, described her as an average student, who was ready to learn from both teachers and her fellow students.
Tyoyange said, “Jessica (Beer) was a beautiful young lady and in our last prize giving and graduation day, she contested for Miss Dyege, organised by the college, and won the crown. So, she killed herself at a time she was about to fulfill her dream in life. May her soul rest in peace’’.