Monday, 12 October 2015

Construction workers in Paraguay catch thief who stole their wages and hang him up by his ankles

Jungle Justice is never the way but this is hilarious. Construction workers in Paraguay attacked a thief man who tried to steal their wages from their boss, Wilfrido Zarate, who was taking money to the group of workers when he was pursued by the thief, who had a gun and an accomplice. more photos after the cut...

After hearing gun shots and discovering what was going on, the builders took to action and were able to nab one of the robbers while his partner got away.  They tied him up and rained down punches on him as he dangled off the side of the building they were working on.

He was then dropped painfully on his head before police arrived on the scene. The police took him into custody but it is not known if any of his attackers were arrested.