Saturday, 25 July 2015

Kalahari Bitters and Carnival Strawberry launched in Nigeria

The 26th of June 2015 will go down in history as the day two new brands; Kalahari Bitters and Carnival Strawberry were launched into the Nigerian market by Kasapreko Company Limited. 
Prior to this launch, both flavours were solely enjoyed in Ghana but in recognizing gaps in the spirit market in Nigeria; Kasapreko introduced Kalahari Bitters; a fine blend of extracts of herbs and aromatic spices with a bitter-sweet taste, ideal for the Nigerian consumer who has a distinctive & sophisticated palate. 

And also, Carnival Strawberry, a liqueur that combines strawberry flavor and fine spirits to give alluring experiences when enjoyed neat or mixed. Carnival Strawberry is another world class blend, suitable for the contemporary Nigerian woman in search of a signature drink. 

In response to consumerqueries concerning “ogogoro” and other locally made or inferior alcoholic beverages, Kasapreko Company Nigeria Limited has produced through painstaking research and with quality assurance standards;Two fine blendsto meet all consumption requirements globally and most especially locally in Nigeria, as evidenced by the NAFDAC product registration number. 

The world class drinks are targeted at the Nigerian audience with a taste for sophistication; people who are as the slogans deduces, willing to rise to the occasion or start a carnival.