Monday, 20 March 2017

Buddhist monks steal Iphone by hiding it in their robes

Two men dressed up as Buddhist monks have used their disguise to steal a mobile phone. The pair walked into a rice shop in southern Thailand decked out in their orange robes and asked to speak to the owner. It is common for religious men to visit homes and businesses seeking donations, so their request was not out of the ordinary. A shopworker went to find owner Orati Kongmum, who was upstairs getting the air conditioning repaired.
But when she returned with Miss Kongmum, the men had gone and so had her mobile phone. After checking the shop's CCTV she soon discovered the impostors had spotted the phone and then hidden it under their robes before leaving. Miss Kongmum said: “That phone is so important to my business as I keep all my customers’ contact details on it as well as my accounts."

Police are now look for the men both of whom are in their early twenties.

One is said to have a bruise on the right side of his forehead whilst the other was darker.

Monks robes are easy to obtain in Thailand often being sold in supermarkets for worshippers to buy to donate at the temples.

Miss Kongmum added: “I am so angry about this and am offering a 5,000 Thai baht (about £120) reward.

"Please contact me at anytime, day or night if you know who these people are."