Saturday, 12 December 2015

Woman tried to kill sister by burning her alive to hide £115,000 fraud

A financial manager was convicted of trying to kill her sister by burning her alive to hide a £115,000 fraud. Cathy Bartlett, 30 (pictured above), blew sister Rachael’s money on Premier League tickets to “buy friends” and on lavish gifts for lover Julian Lane, who was not involved.
Mum-of-two Cathy, of Fawley, Hants, set fire to their mother Frances’ house in nearby Bartley as Rachael, 34, slept,Daily Echo reports.

Bartlett believed she was about to be discovered when Rachael asked to see her accountant and bank

Caught: Bartlett's DNA was found on matches used to start the fire
A Winchester crown court jury convicted Bartlett, who worked at Rachael’s firm NurtureItGlobal, of attempted murder and frauds, including taking £43,000 from their father Michael. She will be sentenced next week.

Prosecutor Kate Lewis said: “She took extreme and unimaginable measures to hide her dishonesty.”
The damage