Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Obiano is chasing away local investors, Anambra youths laments

''We must make sure that we kill Innoson Motor manufacturing Company", Governor Obiano seems to be saying as he again abandoned innoson cars for Toyota - Made in Japan cars; even as unemployment induced crime rate increases in Anambra.

You cannot be fighting crime and yet working against job creation platforms; Its not POSSIBLE!
How can one justify Governor Obiano's policy of buying toyota cars from Japan for the federal police in Anambra when Innoson Motor Company is situated in the same Anambra and producing the same type of car? What is happening in Anambra is a case of pure recklessness and policy indirection.

I doubt if the Anambra state Government knows that the fastest way to fight crime is to create jobs and patronize local investors than arming the Police to 'literally' kill those people he is rendering jobless.

The questions we ought to ask Obiano is if Toyota Inc in Far away japan directly or indirectly creates employment for the teeming Aanambra youths, The answer is a big NO. Does Innoson create direct and indirect jobs for the people of Anambra and Nigeria at large, Yes of-course.

Is Obiano's Government creating insecurity in Anambra with the continuous sabotage of Local industries? YES!

Is Obiano threatening our Regional and economic growth? YES!

In a time of economic challenges, one would expect the Government to spend more within her economic circle in order to encourage internal economic growth and also encourage job-creating industries.

It would be recalled that innoson laid about 150 workers few weeks ago due to its inability to cope with their ages and remunerations. Continuous transfer of our money to foreign economies which has added little or nothing to our economic growth by Obiano is tantamount to economic sabotage.

Continuous buying from local production leads to local industrial expansion and industrial expansion in-turn drives job creation. Governor Obiano needs to be helped in times like this; Who are his advisers?

The level of unemployment in Anambra State calls for concern and one expects that the state leaders be aware of this. Now that the national economy is spiraling down, Obiano should turn to the local industries and encourage them through public policy behavior in order for them to create the much needed jobs.

Is my governor thinking at all? 21st century complex economy is not for gallery players. I urge and advice Chief Obiano to stop and think again.

Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia writes from Awka.