Monday, 14 December 2015

I Would Have Divorced My Husband; Nollywood Actress Opens Up

Famous music artist cum movie star Shaffy Bello Akinrimisi in a recent interview opened up on how she would have divorced her husband at a tender age. In an interview with E247 Magazine, the Taste of Love, Nigeria’s first telenovela star disclosed that she is happy she did not go into the movie industry at a tender age because she would have divorced her husband.

When asked about how she has been able to manage her marriage and career, she disclosed that it has been by the grace of God all the way.

Shaffy Bello said: “It’s by the grace of God. I’m not doing anything right, except what God has given me the grace to do. I believe that the reason I still hold my marriage dearly is because of maturity. I didn’t come into the industry when I was 21, so that makes the difference. When you come into this game at a young age, you may have issues. 

I have never said this before but I believe that if I had come into this game at a younger age, I would have left my husband; it’s very possible. I have two beautiful children (19 years and 17 years old), and a husband who loves me dearly and supports me as best as he can as a man. He also trusts me enough. He’s in the States with my children. 

I go home and spend 60 percent of the time and sometimes 40 percent of the time because he trusts me and I trust him.”

Addressing the issue of how she copes with sexual advances from the opposite sex she disclosed that no amount of money from a man would make her forget her marital bliss.

Shaffy Bello said: “I have just answered your question. I’m a beautiful woman by the grace of God. I know that, and nobody needs to tell me. The thing is if you are waiting for acknowledgement from someone, then it becomes a problem. That person gives you that acknowledgement and it becomes a big deal. 

I have someone who gives me that compliment every day. He tells me I am beautiful.”
Adding that “I know who I’m and what I carry, so I carry it with pride. I’m a hardworking woman; and that is the number one thing. As a hardworking woman, a man is only coming to give me more. If a guy comes and gives me 10 million Naira, I would spend it. But what I will not finish spending is my marital bliss. 

I want to grow old with my husband. I want to be 65 and sitting with my husband and talking about my 20 years old marriage with him.”